Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January Vellvette Beauty Box

The concept of beauty boxes in India is a fairly new one. I have been lusting after the gorgeous beauty and luxury boxes posted by international bloggers and as soon I came to know of a reliable beauty box in India I signed up for subscription.

There is a relatively small wait list. I signed up in Dec 2012 and was informed that subscriptions are closed for Dec box and I got a reminder from them in Jan that they are open for subscription (1 month/3 months/ 6 months/ 1 year)

The price of a box is Rs 399 + shipping.It gets progressively cheaper if you pay before hand for more boxes. I have paid for 3 months in advance so one box comes to Rs 366 + free shipping
Now to my January 2013 Vellvette box
Since this is my first ever Beauty box I was super excited about this one.I received it yesterday.
It is a cute tiny black box tied with a golden ribbon.

It has three products along with cards on how to use them


I like reading the labels on shampoos and conditioners in the shower...so yes I loved the description cards.

The Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Sugar scrub :It smells amazing.It smells so sweet like chocolate and candy…hmm…I couldn’t resist and licked a teeny bit …it is not sweet!!! Even though you can see the sugar in it ,its salty…But the smell is absolutely sweet and divine.

 Clinique clarifying lotion 2 : I used it twice till now. It smells slightly alcoholic like a toner or astringent would. It said on the package that there might be a slight tingling or stinging but luckily I didn't experience any.

Description: Instantly dissolves all lingering makeup & impurities Removes dead cells without drying out your skin Greatly improves makeup application Speeds up the natural renewal of skin cells Provides an immediate cooling & refreshed sensation, especially for dry skin type

OPI nail polish
I have always wanted to try OPI nail polishes… so now I will.

The box was tied in a golden ribbon. The box is quite sturdy and I will use it to store nail polishes or rings in my dresser. My first impression of the box was that it was so tiny…It looked quite big when I saw it on beauty blogs.But of course everything was teeny sample sized.

Overall I am quite happy with the beauty box and am eagerly waiting to see what products I get in the coming months.
This is the description of Vellvette box from their site here. 

Welcome to a world of beauty discovery!
With a Vellvette Box subscription, you will step into a world of unending surprises. Every month we send you 3 deluxe beauty and grooming samples that are specially chosen for you by our beauty experts, plus expert tips-n-tricks that will help you get the most out of every product. Try them at the comfort of your home. Discover what works for you. Once you know what you like, get juicy discounts when you buy the full-size versions of your favorites at our online store. 

Our subscriptions vary from 1-month to a heavily discounted annual package. Simply add any one of them to your cart and proceed to make the payment. You can now leave the guesswork out of your beauty regime and make the most out of every beauty investment!

P.S: This is not a paid review. I paid for the three month subscription.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Strawberry slush

Here is the yummy strawberry slush which I eat on most nights when I crave sweets. It has no added sugar and no preservatives....and is low in calories and utterly yummy. Sorry for the pic. I didn't plan it ahead but made it just to satisfy my sweet craving....

It's very easy and quick to make.
Take 5-6 big juicy strawberries... clean and wash them and put them in a blender.
Add 2 trays of ice cubes....( I love ice... I love munching on ice....I love putting it on my skin... In case you don't love it so much or don't want so much ice you can reduce the quantity)
Blend it and put in a cup and have to your heart's content
Garnish with mint leaves if you have the patience.

This is how I make it ...but in case you find it too sour you can add half an apple to reduce the tartness
I don't add any sugar or apple and have it like it is...It is so refreshingly good and yummy . 

Update:It's been a month and I have not had tea or coffee and surprisingly I don't feel like I am missing out ...and I used to be crazy about black coffee.

Monday, 14 January 2013

7 Day Detox Diet Results

Woohoo 7 days of (modified) Jason Vale juice detox completed and now it's time for the results.
I lost only 1 kg which is less than the 2 kgs I expected to lose. But losing even 1 kg in 7 days is good. I could have lost more if I had exercised more. (duh...big surprise)

I lost 1 inch from my tummy and another 1 from the hips. My stomach isn't flat ...but it is flatter than before. I will continue to exercise and include juices in my diet more. Bring on more strawberry slushes...(homemade of course). I will continue with brisk walking for 45 minutes and to make sure I don't fall into the same old rut I will post my monthly updates.

                          Day 1                  Day 8 
Weight                54.8                    53.8

Note: I completed the diet for seven days and took my measurements on the eight day.

Day 7

45 min brisk walking
Breakfast 2 shots amla juice + water
Breakfast:1 apple + lots of strawberries + ice + very little mint
Lunch:1 packet saffola masala oats + 3 spoon of Schezwan rice
Dinner: strawberries + ice + mint

Day 6

Morning: 2 shots amla juice + water
Breakfast: 1apple + mint + ice
Lunch: 1 packet saffola masala oats + peas
Dinner: 2 beetroot + cucumber + mint + ice
Snack: handful of almonds

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 5

30 minutes brisk walking ....brrr its so cold in the mornings
Morning: 2 shots amla juice + water
Breakfast: 1apple + lots of strawberries + mint + ice
Lunch: 1 packet saffola masala oats + peas + capsicum
Dinner: 2 beetroot + cucumber + mint + ice 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 4

No exercise ... sigh... again
Morning: 2 shots amla juice + water
Breakfast: 1 apple + lots of strawberries + mint + ice (it is seriously tasty… the apple cuts the tartness of the strawberries and it smells so fresh )
Lunch: 1 packet saffola masala oats
Dinner: 2 beetroot+ mint + ice 
I don’t notice any changes but a couple of people have told that I am looker slimmer and tummy looks less but frankly it’s not noticeable to me. Overall I feel great and fresh.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 3

No exercise

Morning :2 shots amla juice + water
Breakfast:2 apples+ 2 carrots + handful of mint + ice (its looks eeky green but tastes so refreshing yumm)
Lunch:1 packet saffola masala oats
Dinner: 2 beetroot+ mint + ice

Confession: Did drool a bit while looking at a blog post by a fellow blogger featuring French fries. But overall feeling quite nice.   

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 2

Did 10 minutes deep breathing/ pranayam
No exercise
Morning: 2 shots amla juice + water
Breakfast: strawberries + apple + ice (it has a slush like consistency and is so yummy)
Lunch: 1 packet saffola masala oats
Dinner: 2 beetroot + 2 carrots + handful of mint leaves+ ice
Had a handful of almonds as snacks

Yippee no headache.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 1

Morning:45 minutes brisk walking + jogging
Evening:20 minutes brisk walk 

Morning: Couldn't have anything as the blood test guy was supposed to come home 
Breakfast   juice of two apples+ 2 carrots + little ginger
Lunch        1 packet masala oats 
Teatime     Juice of two apples+2 carrots + little ginger      
Dinner        2 apples + beetroot +mint

Slight headache since evening.....no tea...no coffee...no chocolates. Well that's a good start!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

You cannot manage what you cannot measure...

Time to be honest and take measurements.It is imperative that before embarking on any plan/goal you measure where you are presently and later track your progress.

I took down and noted the following measurements in the morning before starting the plan.

Weight   54.8 kgs
Waist    (at the narrowest part)  
Waist    (at the belly button)
Hips      (at the widest part)

The true measure would be whether or not I will be able to fit in my old size 26 and 28 inch jeans and get a toned stomach instead of a bulging pot belly which I currently lug around.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New year old resolutions ?

Wish you a very happy New Year 2013!!!
No matter what culture you belong to, a New year is always a time to start afresh, leave the old behind and embrace the new.It is also the  time for  the ubiquitous New Year resolutions. One of the leading new year resolution is Fitness/ weight loss/ good health.
Let me share my journey with you into a fitter,slimmer and healthier me.

I plan to go on the Jason Vale 7 day juice detox starting from Jan 7 2013. Basically enough of fueling the body with stimulants like coffee, tea, sugar, and chocolates.......hmmmm chocolates... focus... focus now... good girl!
I plan to eat/drink healthy and feed more nutritious food into my system.
I also plan to re-introduce pranayam (deep breathing) in my daily schedule again.
Exercise: Brisk walking + jogging 45 minutes every day or every alternate day
You can check the information regarding this detox plan on the net.
http://www.juicemaster.com/ is the main website. 

More about the Plan (Worlds biggest juice detox)
It is a seven day plan where you feed your body nothing else but yummy nutritious fruit and vegetable juices.
You start your day with a warm water + lemon and have upto 7 juices in a day and I have read that most people find it difficult to take all the juices in a day.

I plan to modify the plan a little to suit me. I work full time and like any other city girl I spend a majority of my time commuting to and fro work.

This is how I plan to do the plan...
Morning- warm water + lemon juice  or amla juice shots.... amla (indian gosseberry) is extremely rich in vitamin c.It helps improve your immunity and gives you great skin,hair and nails. 
       What I have done in the past and what I plan on continuing is to have two (30 ml each) shots of amla juice and follow it up with a glass or two of warm water.

Lunch time: I am no saint and can't even think of drinking juices while my colleagues tuck into their yummy food so I plan to have one juice + 1 packet saffola masala oats and I plan to have a couple more yummy nutritious juices through out the day.

I will post the nutritional information regarding saffola masala oats later.One of them tastes exactly like maggi masala.

Not exact, not ideal but better than giving up the plan midway and succumbing to social pressure and ordering junk food and chocolates...hmm... chocolates...focus...focus.

This means no to stimulants
Junk food

and yes to
and lots and lots of ice and Oats( my modification)

And how much weight does this plan help you lose ? According to Jason Vale the average person might lose 7-14  lbs or 3- 6.5 kgs in a week.

I will weigh and measure myself on the Sun 6.1.13 or Mon 7.1.13- the day I start the plan and Saturday I will shop for all the fruits and vegetables required for the plan. I will keep you posted.