Saturday, 20 December 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hair too oily.... double wash with shampoo plus conditioner... wtf how did I end with dry hair which looks like a birds nest with frizzy ends... enter leave on hair conditioners.... Hmmm nice hair so soft and shiny and... wtf.... how did I end up with this oily mess again....uggh.... 

Now I just spritz on some dry shampoo and booyah... not such an oily mess. Getting a decent dry shampoo in India is tough but thank god I got my hands on this batiste dry shampoo on my trip to the UK. I got the mini one and might buy the bigger one once this gets over . I got the version which smells too artificial and the smell lingers for a while so make sure you check and cross check the scent when you buy one.

People use dry shampoo for a variety of reasons... camping, too cold,... to lazy to wash hair... surgery, sickness etc... I use it so that I don't look like I forgot to wash my hair after oiling.

What they say:Batiste dry shampoo instantly refreshes your hair between washes leaving it feeling gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture. 

How to use: It is basically an aerosol...( think deodorant spray ) which you spray on your roots and massage. It didn't leave any white residue or powder.

First Pic.... You can see how my battle to tame dry frizzy just washed hair ended them looking too champu (oily)

2nd pic side view of my oily flat hair

3rd Pic... after just one brief spritz with batiste dry shampoo....just one teeny tiny spritz.. I can well imangine the volume you can build with 3-4 spritzes

4th pic to show that there is absolutely no white powder left on your hair.

Ideally you are supposed to give - 4-5 spritzes for fluffly, voluminous hair... I used just one small spritz and it did give is some volume.

I strongly recommend but please ensure you get definite whiff of the variety of scents that they have cause the scent lingers in your hair for a couple of days.  Secondly my honest advice would be to get this beauty on your trip abroad or if you can wheedle somebody into getting a bottle for you .. cause online I have seen this go for as much as Rs 3500 or Rs 4500 which is too high a price to pay for it. So don't buy online. 

P.S Pics taken in natural artificial light or filters.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Garnier Apricot Pure Active Exfoliating Face Scrub

           Due to dead cells the skin becomes dull and rough so it becomes important to exfoliate regularly either by chemical method (peels, enzymes etc) or by mechanical means (scrubs)

First impression It smells pleasantly of apricots and the smells lingers for a while. The scrub granules provide nice strong exfoliation but be careful not to over exfoliate ,you don't have to slough off all the dead skin at one go.The base of the scrub seemed a little oily for me but it will be a boon for dry skinned gals.  

Since I have oil skin I would use this scrub in winters . With any skin care routine consistency is the key in achieving great results. Based on your skin type exfoliate once or twice in a week.

Product sent by the company. Honest review my own. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Zotiqq December Box

An accessory can make or break a look and everyone knows that the easiest way to look put together is to put on a) bright cheery lip b) iron just your bangs if you don't have time to style your hair c) rock a statement piece.

I am reviewing the Zotiqq December box. It is subscription box for jewelry with varied time frame.

I came across this site while browsing through the lovely blog of Lisha of heartbowsmakeup
and loved the pieces featured in a her blog so much that I immediately signed up for a subscription box....( though only for 1 month as I have to go out of town and want to test how this box turns out first). You even have the option of just selecting the pieces you like and order them online. Free shipping and at present they ship only in India.

You get an email when they ship along with the tracking number like most good sites provide nowadays.

They have 3 types of Jewelry Boxes
Must-have’s box: 3 pieces of jewelry each month. Ideally, one neck piece, one set of earrings and one ring/ bracelet. Total worth: Rs. 2000. Subscriptions start from Rs. 1000. ( I bought this one)

Glam box: 4-pieces every month! Ideally, one neck piece, one set of earrings and one ring/ bracelet. Total worth: Rs. 2500. Subscriptions start from Rs. 1200.

Fashionista box: 5 pieces of jewelry each month. Ideally, two neck pieces, one/ two set(s) of earrings and one/ two ring(s)/ bracelet(s). Total worth: Rs. 3000. Subscriptions start from Rs. 1500. Subscription plan: Subscriptions are available from a period of one month, up to a year! You can subscribe one here

The best part about the ZOTIQQ jewelry boxes is that the pieces contained in each box is double the subscription amount so if you pay Rs 1000 for one box you end up getting products worth Rs 2000 which turns out even more affordable if you buy the 3 month plan. They also offer COD which is a boon for first time buyers and deliver pretty much everywhere.

I had subscribed for the December Must-have’s Zotiqq box and paid Rs 1000 for it and shipping was free.
I received one ring, 1 long neck piece, one green suede bracelet and one complimentary red earrings (December special).

Out of these I only love the ring... it is beautiful.. the necklace is so so and doesn't excite me... the suede bracelet looks old and worn out even before wearing . The complimentary red earrings are the copy of the Christian Dior earrings going around which look fabulous on celebrities but when I tried it looked like my ears were swollen.

I paid Rs 1000 for this box in which I liked only one piece of ring which is too costly in my honest opinion. But I will give a try to the other boxes in future and see if I have better luck next time. Also I received a 10% discount code for shopping online from their products but sadly the page only showed limited jewelry items unlike the first time I had logged in. Maybe the good products got sold out so I will try again in a few days and see.

P.S will upload the photos and link to the site of the blogger on whose page I first came across these soon.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My Rosy Life - Rose obsession

Soulflower Rose bath salt - highly recommended.... soak your worries and stress away
Soulflower Sandalwood and rose soul soothing soap - too expensive but give it a try
Soulflower Rose soap - try it
Soulflower Rose candle - nothing special
Yardley Red rose talcum powder - skip it
Khadi rose essential oil - highly recommended ... fragrance lasts on my pillow for upto 3 days... highly concentrated ... 2 drops are all you need... I dilute it with coconut or olive oil and apply on face once in two weeks or so, 2 drops on a pillow for a pleasant sleep, you can put in on cotton balls to keep inside your hand bag or cup board
Dabur gulabari - try it.. but it has parabens so am looking for an alternative
VLCC rose water- pleasant smell ... does not irritate my skin
L'oreal Paris Lincoln red lipstick - highly recommended... very flattering.. I am not a lipstick person ...more into lip balms but I loved it... I get complimented a lot whenever I wear it.
Nivea Soft Rose lip balm- It is a frosty shade... did nothing for me in terms of color or providing moisture to lips.
left nivea soft rose... right l'oreal lincoln red

You can buy these from flipkart or snapdeal.... I highly recommend flipkart and have shopped from them innumerable times for books, cosmetics, skin care etc. I have shopped from Snapdeal once and it was a horrible experience. Never ever.....

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sick Mean Evil

For the life in me I can't understand what pleasure people derive for bullying others and passing mean comments. What evil sense of satisfaction is derived from calling a person mean things to abuse and lower their self esteem. I fail to understand how somebody can laugh and have fun while making another human being miserable , terrified and scared. Some human beings.... 

Friday, 5 September 2014

My Affordable shopping Haul -Blue Bag wallet and slippers

          I don't understand the concept of affordable skincare... when I am buying any skincare products I care how effective they are rather than how affordable. The case is different with accessories and bags. I get tired of wearing the same bags and jewelry everyday. It is ok if they are gold or diamonds or precious metals but I have seen people buy bad to ok products just cause it is branded. 

Blue and white purse Max
I like carrying big bags to work cause it holds my umbrella, water bottle, lunch box, (no I am not in school or college.... I go to work), parle g biscuits for doggies etc. Plus while at airports the bigger the bag the better to carry my stuff. I love this bright blue and white bag from Max.
Price :Rs 1199.... I paid Rs 700 as there was sale going on

Blue and white wallet Marie Claire
While shopping at Bata for rainy shoes I spotted this bright blue and white striped wallet from at the checkout counter and bought it immediately

I have had 2 wallets nicked  in 4 years of travelling by public transport ... one was a Charles and Keith one and the other was bought from a local store so I didn't want to splurge on a wallet.

Blue slippers with blue flamingo Max Rs 249 (no discount on these)

Overall am happy with my purchase. Will update the price later.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Whats in my travel bag- vacation edition

Hi guys.... Ok so finally I am going on a vacation for 2 weeks and would like to show you what I am carrying with me. I have traveled a bit for work in the past few years  but somehow didn't get across to do whats in my travel bag post then. 

Without further ado here's a look at whats in Travel Bag for my vacation .

Edit : So... am back from my vacation. Just landed in the morning and posted this. This post was long pending. All the pics were clicked but somehow couldn't post it.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Natures co July Youthful forever Beauty Wish box

Hi guys. Here are the contents of my The Natures co July Youthful forever Beauty Wish box

1)      Irish Moss Sugar Scrub 
2)      Rosemary Hibiscus Hair wash
3)      Green Clay Body Wrap
4)      Sea fennel refirming lotion
5)      White rose under eye gel
6)      Chocolate mint lip balm

Out of these the sea fennel re firming lotion has the most pleasant smell. The quantity of all the products is more than enough for anyone to try and make a informed decision regarding repurchase.

It came in a cardboard decorative box. I liked the quilted pouch in June’s box better. The lids on the tubs are more than tight and I kid you not I had to use a tool to open the lids. But this is much better than having product spillage. Plus once you have opened the lid it becomes much easier to open on subsequent uses.

I had subscribed for a 3 month box and this is my last box. I will not be renewing this subscription box.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Body Shop Haul

Hi...ummm... even though I have more than enough perfume, edts  and body mists to last me a lifetime of heavy use...I still couldn't resist buying one.... um... two... ok ok three of the body shops edts during the ongoing sale. (upto 50% sale).

Price: Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says:
Can’t get enough of Strawberry? Get a fix of your favorite fruity scent in an eau de toilette format.
Eau de toilette
Light and wearable
Sweet, fruity scent
Contains strawberry extract

My experience: It smells absolutely divine, yummy, sweet and fresh. This is my second bottle and highly recommend this one. Earlier it used to cost Rs 795

Price :Rs Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says
 Spritz on this light eau de toilette for deliciously floral-scented skin. Each bottle contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of wildflowers. - Eau de toilette - Light and wearable - Rich, floral scent

My experience: It smells sweet and flowery.

Price :Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says
Can’t get enough of Satsuma? Get a fix of your favourite zingy scent in an eau de toilette format.
• Eau de toilette
• Light and wearable
• Zingy, energising scent
• Contains satsuma extract

My experience : It smells so fresh like bitter oranges or something. One whiff is enough to awaken your senses.Do try this one as well.

Lasting power: They are EDTs so lasting power is accordingly low.

On the body shop  : Their skincare never did much for me ( have tried the seaweed range, Vit E, Vit C and tea tree range ). I mostly buy their cotton wipes .Do not ever buy the body mists from body shop cause they smell vanishes in a few minutes but I do like their soaps, edts, body butters etc.
Right now the sale is going on so if you buy three edts you get 15% off and 20% off for four. 
So I ended up paying Rs 2282  for 3 bottles and my individual bottle cost came to Rs 760 which is good cause they smell well.... really nice . I highly recommend you give these three a try. Remember that how you want to smell and what kinds of perfumes you like is totally subjective so choose wisely. 
Click here to read about my perfume collection.

All products bought with my own money.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Nail of the day (NOTD) Colorbar Bloody Mary

Here's another Nail of the day (NOTD) for you.

Base coat: Sally Hansen miracle cure
Nail polish : Colorbar Bloody Mary

What the company says:
The Exclusive Nail Polish is unique formulation combines intense color with incredible shine to create perfection and impeccable hold. Its rich color and high sheen formula strengthens nails and keeps them moisturized. The nail polish gives excellent glossy color payoff. Its toluene and DBP free and does not yellow out nails.
Price 175 for 9 ml

My experience:
One coat gives  a hot neon pink which depending on your taste would be 
a) perfect for the rainy season
b) too loud and garish
I am personally still undecided 

Two coats give it a lovely red (tomato red) glossy finish

Do give it a try!

Sally Hansen Miracle growth

What the company says:
Guaranteed. 50% Stronger nails in 3 days! Exclusive Micro-Mineral Formula fills in cracks to instantly strengthen and reinforce nails. Instantly stops peeling, seals the nail plate and bonds layers together. Strong moisture magnets target severe dryness with intensive moisture. Natural Proteins and powerful Anti-Oxidants penetrate the nail to help strengthen nails from within. Salon Tested – Dermatologist Tested. Special Ingredients: Natural Protein, Mineral and Anti-Oxidant Formula bonds nails to stop peeling, breaking or splitting.
Price :Rs 675

My experience:
I got it in my Fab bag else I would not have bought it. It is great as a base coat, dries quickly and smooths over the nail ridges to make the nailpolish application easy. But it is too costly in my opinion. Try it if your budget allows.

PS: more pics to follow

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Nature's Co June Beauty Wish Box

Here are the contents of my June  Nature co box. It came in a nice quilted look red cosmetics bag. Thankfully the bath salt was taped and bubble wrapped to avoid spillage. It is amazing I love the cooling effect of the peppermint bath salt and the smell is so refreshing. 

1) Walnut mint foot scrub 15 ml
2) Almond oatmeal massage oil 15 ml
3) Lemongrass body wash 35 ml
4) Cool cucumber face wash 15 ml
5) Barley volumising hair cleanser 35 ml
6) Peppermint foot soak 15 gm
7) A mini foot file (bonus) which went straight to the bin

There are also card for a complimentary 10 minute facial at any Nature co store and discount card for purchase of any of the products featured in the June Box.

I have tried only the cool cucumber face wash and the Peppermint foot soak. I love the peppermint foot soak and wish the quantity was at least enough for 2-3 uses.
While the cool cucumber face wash smells refreshing I like using my Za face wash better.
The products are Ok to Good but I didn't like the customer service of the Beauty Wish Box from Nature Co at all. Unresponsive and uncooperative My advice would be go to nearby store to purchase the products if you want to give it a try.

Monday, 16 June 2014

NOTD :Nail of the day - natural

Hi... I just wanted to share my nail of the day. I have nothing on the nails not even cuticle oil or clear polish. 

Just shaped them a little pointier than the rounder ones I usually sport. How do you file your nails... round or pointy? 

Monday, 9 June 2014

First Brand Ambassador of Garnier Fructis - Alia Bhatt

Garnier Fructis announces Alia Bhatt as its first ever Brand Ambassador in India
The ‘Hair Affair’ campaign launches the Bollywood actress on digital platforms

Mumbai, 9th June, 2014: Garnier Fructis, one of Indias leading hair care brands, has named actor Alia Bhatt as the new face of Garnier Fructis in India. This is the first time that the brand has signed on a brand ambassador in India.

In this exclusive digital launch, Alia reveals that she is the new Garnier Fructis Brand Ambassador through a digital film conceptualized and produced by digital marketing agency FoxyMoron; where she recalls her favourite hair memories and the importance of her hair -  

Alia has garnered nationwide praise for her performances in films Highway and 2 States. Her uninhibited acting style has made her one of the most sought after young talent in the Indian film industry.

The buildup to this digital reveal of Alia was through conversations of #10ThingsAboutHer, reaching out to over 5,00,000 fans and followers across the Garnier Fructis Facebook, Twitter and Google+ platforms.

Speaking about her association with the brand, Alia Bhatt said, “My hair is very important to me and I only trust Garnier Fructis which has always been my favorite shampoo. I love it's fruity, long lasting fragrance and the way it leaves my hair feeling nourished and strong. The new Garnier Fructis shampoos & conditioners have been specially developed for Indian Hair. I hope every girl using Garnier Fructis benefits from it the way I have”.

Commenting on Alia's association with the brand, Rupika Raman, General Manager, Garnier said,We’re very happy to welcome Alia on board as the face of Garnier Fructis. Her personality and energy finds great synergies with Garnier Fructis. No other brand is as synonymous with youth and vitality as Garnier Fructis. Alia brings both these qualities to the table with her talent and individuality.”

Garnier Fructis on Facebook:
Garnier Fructis on Twitter: @FructisIndia

*Press Release

Monday, 26 May 2014

My The Nature's Co May Beauty Wish box

Here I am back with another box opening. Even though I was more than happy with the Velvette box/ bag... now known as the Fab bag. I wanted a beauty box with more pamper/ bath products rather than makeup products.

They ship by end of the month no matter when you make the payment and shipping is not free. I tried getting free shipping by adding more products to my basket but it ended up increasing the shipping and handling charges.

I received my box on the 22nd of May. The theme for May was post holiday blues and I got my samples enclosed in a cardboard house 

Payment details

Product Name
3 Months Subscription(MAY- POST HOLIDAY BLUES)
Rs. 1645
Rs. 1645
Spearmint Body Wash
Rs. 485
Rs. 485

Rs. 2130 
Order Discount: 
Rs. 0.00 
Shipping & Handling: 
Rs. 164 
Order Total: 
Rs. 2294 
Coming to the contents 

Marigold hair cleanser
Marigold Conditioner
Sunflower shower gel
Tangerine Body lotion
Cinnamon bath salt
Aloe after sun gel
Corn exfoliating mask/ scrub

Whoever was in charge or securing the lid of the cinnamon bath salts... I have two words for them .... Screw You .. Would it have hurt to tightly secure the lid and put some tape on it.... it was a huge mess spilling all over the... The pathetic mess is simply not acceptable since they are just shipping form Mumbai. Another thing Nature co.... why on earth is the courier guy of your courier service partner (Shree Tirupathi courier service) trying to chat with me on whatsapp . He kept on sending inane messages till I found his name through truecaller and confronted him on whatsapp... He immediately changed his tune and said that he just wanted to see if I had received the box ... yeah right. Very disappointed with Nature co. Horrible experience.I tried contacting them on twitter but they conveniently ignored my tweets while posting their promos .Huge difference between the customer service of Fab bag and The Nature co.

Bad experience with it and based on just this one box I would not recommend it to anybody. The May post holiday blues gave me more blues. It remains to be seen after the next few boxes if I will be renewing my subscription or not.