Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Natures co July Youthful forever Beauty Wish box

Hi guys. Here are the contents of my The Natures co July Youthful forever Beauty Wish box

1)      Irish Moss Sugar Scrub 
2)      Rosemary Hibiscus Hair wash
3)      Green Clay Body Wrap
4)      Sea fennel refirming lotion
5)      White rose under eye gel
6)      Chocolate mint lip balm

Out of these the sea fennel re firming lotion has the most pleasant smell. The quantity of all the products is more than enough for anyone to try and make a informed decision regarding repurchase.

It came in a cardboard decorative box. I liked the quilted pouch in June’s box better. The lids on the tubs are more than tight and I kid you not I had to use a tool to open the lids. But this is much better than having product spillage. Plus once you have opened the lid it becomes much easier to open on subsequent uses.

I had subscribed for a 3 month box and this is my last box. I will not be renewing this subscription box.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Body Shop Haul

Hi...ummm... even though I have more than enough perfume, edts  and body mists to last me a lifetime of heavy use...I still couldn't resist buying one.... um... two... ok ok three of the body shops edts during the ongoing sale. (upto 50% sale).

Price: Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says:
Can’t get enough of Strawberry? Get a fix of your favorite fruity scent in an eau de toilette format.
Eau de toilette
Light and wearable
Sweet, fruity scent
Contains strawberry extract

My experience: It smells absolutely divine, yummy, sweet and fresh. This is my second bottle and highly recommend this one. Earlier it used to cost Rs 795

Price :Rs Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says
 Spritz on this light eau de toilette for deliciously floral-scented skin. Each bottle contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of wildflowers. - Eau de toilette - Light and wearable - Rich, floral scent

My experience: It smells sweet and flowery.

Price :Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says
Can’t get enough of Satsuma? Get a fix of your favourite zingy scent in an eau de toilette format.
• Eau de toilette
• Light and wearable
• Zingy, energising scent
• Contains satsuma extract

My experience : It smells so fresh like bitter oranges or something. One whiff is enough to awaken your senses.Do try this one as well.

Lasting power: They are EDTs so lasting power is accordingly low.

On the body shop  : Their skincare never did much for me ( have tried the seaweed range, Vit E, Vit C and tea tree range ). I mostly buy their cotton wipes .Do not ever buy the body mists from body shop cause they smell vanishes in a few minutes but I do like their soaps, edts, body butters etc.
Right now the sale is going on so if you buy three edts you get 15% off and 20% off for four. 
So I ended up paying Rs 2282  for 3 bottles and my individual bottle cost came to Rs 760 which is good cause they smell well.... really nice . I highly recommend you give these three a try. Remember that how you want to smell and what kinds of perfumes you like is totally subjective so choose wisely. 
Click here to read about my perfume collection.

All products bought with my own money.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Nail of the day (NOTD) Colorbar Bloody Mary

Here's another Nail of the day (NOTD) for you.

Base coat: Sally Hansen miracle cure
Nail polish : Colorbar Bloody Mary

What the company says:
The Exclusive Nail Polish is unique formulation combines intense color with incredible shine to create perfection and impeccable hold. Its rich color and high sheen formula strengthens nails and keeps them moisturized. The nail polish gives excellent glossy color payoff. Its toluene and DBP free and does not yellow out nails.
Price 175 for 9 ml

My experience:
One coat gives  a hot neon pink which depending on your taste would be 
a) perfect for the rainy season
b) too loud and garish
I am personally still undecided 

Two coats give it a lovely red (tomato red) glossy finish

Do give it a try!

Sally Hansen Miracle growth

What the company says:
Guaranteed. 50% Stronger nails in 3 days! Exclusive Micro-Mineral Formula fills in cracks to instantly strengthen and reinforce nails. Instantly stops peeling, seals the nail plate and bonds layers together. Strong moisture magnets target severe dryness with intensive moisture. Natural Proteins and powerful Anti-Oxidants penetrate the nail to help strengthen nails from within. Salon Tested – Dermatologist Tested. Special Ingredients: Natural Protein, Mineral and Anti-Oxidant Formula bonds nails to stop peeling, breaking or splitting.
Price :Rs 675

My experience:
I got it in my Fab bag else I would not have bought it. It is great as a base coat, dries quickly and smooths over the nail ridges to make the nailpolish application easy. But it is too costly in my opinion. Try it if your budget allows.

PS: more pics to follow